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As Transport Van Praet managers we have decided to give our customers the guarantee that our activities take place in an organized and controlled manner.
This guarantee we want to demonstrate with our quality management system that is assessed by an external organization on its strengths and weaknesses.

TVP has as its main activities;

  • Airfreight trucking
  • TAPA TSR secured trucking
  • Pharma and other Temperature controlled trucking
  • FTL & LTL
  • Express shipments
  • customized logistics

We strive to continuously provide services that meet our customers' requirements with the legal requirements we are bound to and minimal health risks for our employees in considaration, respecting the environment and ethical values.

Thanks to the introduction of a quality system, we have the ability to control, follow up and improve our different processes. The purpose of our quality system is to strive for continuous improvement of our activities and to optimize service to our customers.
The quality system is built around the various processes that take place within the organization to ensure its suitability. The management has taken the responsibility to establish a quality policy and ensure that this policy is also implemented effectively. The policy also includes specific quality objectives that, together with measuring customer satisfaction, must ensure that we can constantly evaluate and adjust if necessary.
This must ensure a better interaction of our processes and a satisfied customer.

These quality objectives and the entire quality system will be reviewed annually by us and externally and adjusted to any changing circumstances. We ensure that the organization has the right resources to implement this quality system and we also emphasize the importance that everyone in our organization is as involved as ourselves. Our quality system is as strong as our weakest link. We will not fail to ensure that everyone is responsible for making the implementation a rewarding investment.

Our services

Located in the center of Europe we offer an excellent and punctual service thanks to diversity and professionalism.

correct and ON TIME delivery
a well-trained staff
a well-maintained green fleet
a good service

TVP-Logistics: « On Time Delivery »

TVP-logistics is a medium sized family company of the second generation that managed to integrate modern technology into its service. The result is a transportation service of high quality, flexible and reliable.

The strengths of our company:

•skilled and dedicated employees
•well - equipped fleet
•expansion of the company into a coherent whole
•constant strive to improve our quality and service
•An ideal location

We specialize in FTL-Trucking, Airfreight trucking, Pharma / Temperature controlled   logistics, express and TAPA TRS secured logistics. Within a radius of 750 km around Brussels, we can execute commands within 1 hour after receipt.

The management of TVP - logistics opts for a partnership based on mutual trust and dialogue.

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